The Golfer_Square.jpg


Assembly George Square Studios

George Square , Edinburgh

AUGUST 5-30 


A fast-paced, comic fantasia by two-time Fringe First winner Brian Parks. When an ordinary guy sneaks away from his office to play golf, he’s struck by a lightning blast on the first tee and thrust into a surreal world of hard-nosed detectives, talking golf clubs, and the Wife of Bath. Directed by Fringe First winner Margarett Perry.

“A gleefully out-there dark comedy”

– Time Out New York

“No American writer is more thoughtful – in an explosive and comic way”

– Scotsman


"Director Margarett Perry whips up Parks' The House to a ferocious pace.”

– Ithaca Times

“The Golfer might be a sly commentary on the impending end-times. Or a demonstration of how the human brain short-circuits when its owner spends too much time in front of a TV or computer screen. Or, like the singing gonads in its early moments, it could just be nuts. I won’t spoil the fun by giving away the ending, but only say that, especially for those overeducated, buttoned-up folks who languish in cubicles, it’s a much-needed antidote.”


-The Village Voice

Here's hoping the Festival Happens!