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Shortlist & The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project
to perform at 59E59 Theaters' East to Edinburgh Festival before heading to Scotland

Shortlist Final Clean Image portrait 3508x4961px.jpg


Assembly George Square Studios

George Square , Edinburgh


Flying Bridge Theatre

in association with Twilight Theatre Company

present the world premiere of


by Brian Parks

Directed by Margarett Perry


Matthew Boston

Dan Llewelyn-Williams

“No American writer is more thoughtful

– in an explosive and comic way.”

– Scotsman

Sound Design by Nicholas Simone

Associate Director/Producer Natalie Tell

SHORTLIST tells the story of two enemy novelists who duel for the ultimate writing prize in a fast-paced, war-of-the-words comedy. Multiple Fringe First award-winning playwright Brian Parks plunges into the writing world with a Withnail-esque joust between literature’s two sharpest pens. Year after year, Higgins and Houghton find themselves pitched against each other on the shortlist for literature’s number-one title, never winning. But this year is different, each primed to strike and finally grab it. All that stands in their way is each other.


Brian Parks' plays are fast-paced, dark comedies. In 2019 The Scotsman called Parks "one of the great absurdists of Fringe theatre". His previous scripts have gathered international acclaim and his work is beloved by those theatre enthusiasts in the know.


Directing SHORTLIST, we are thrilled to have landed the dynamic Margarett Perry, New York-based theatre director, herself a Fringe First award winner. And the cast completes our international dream team; the wonderfully talented Matthew Boston and the fiendishly charming Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, two darlings of the Fringe. Renowned for their roles in previous hits, Enterprise, The Golfer and The House (all three by Brian Parks), Horse Country, Not About Heroes and A Regular Little Houdini.

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Award-winning actor\playwright John Jiler tells the remarkable story of the youngest child of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Orphaned at six following his parents' execution for espionage, the boy was adopted by the man who wrote the song 'Strange Fruit'----seared into our consciousness by Billie Holiday. Playing a gallery of rogues, heroes and saints, Jiler takes us on a journey of our politics from then 'til now…


Assembly Rooms

Front Room, Edinburgh Scotland


Twilight Theatre Company

n association with New Jersey Repertory Company


The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project 

by John Jiler

Directed by Margarett Perry


John Jiler

Lee Odom

Associate Director/Producer: Natalie Tell


“A gem of a production!”-Broadway World

“History resonates powerfully in this vividly depicted piece.” -New Jersey Arts

“Jiler’s fertile imagination and [the] compelling, probing script

brought me shivers.” -American Theatre Magazine

"With an impressive record of publications and performances, John Jiler proves to be a master storyteller on the NJ Rep stage. He seamlessly changes roles to bring The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project to life as he portrays young Robert Rosenberg; his mother, Ethel; the trial's presiding judge, Irving Kaufman; W.E.B. Dubois; and others. Jiler's well-crafted prose also lends insights into the social and political climate of the times. The clarinet music performed by the talented composer and band leader, Lee Odom makes the production all the more captivating. The music is perfectly placed to illuminate the story." -Broadway World

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